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Our start-up fee* is just £495 + VAT

THREE reasons to seriously consider this 


supastikers pre-school coach

We have been a successful business for 10 years and have a proven method of introducing younger children to football. We consistently average 90%+ membership throughout the year in our established sessions. We also have a very low turn over of members - once they have joined, the majority of members stay with us until they become too old.

Whilst our approach is great fun for the child, the programme itself is progressive rather than repetitive, which means that parents see progression by their child. Additionally, our structured format and approach is based on core principles of Early Years work, meaning that we are consistent with the approach taken by playgroups, nurseries, schools etc. Parents appreciate this, and Early Years workers are happy to recommend us.

Every child receives a SupaStrikers kit as part of their enrolment fee, which they often want wear to other activities. Coupled with the branded Coach's shirt and our ongoing social media work, a very strong local brand awareness of the memorable name and logo is quickly established.



During our 10 years, we have had Coaches from a variety of backgrounds and experience. Many did not have a previous background of football coaching, although ALL were excellent with children and parents! In fact, one Licensed Coach had never played a football match in her life, but still managed to successfully run up to 10 sessions per week for almost 5 years! 

 In particular, the Licensed Coach opportunity is likely to be suitable for:

  • Those already running school-aged football coaching businesses, as SupaStrikers sessions are ideal for running during ‘school time’
  • Those already running other businesses/franchises for children of a similar age range, who are looking for a complementary additional business opportunity
  • Staff in playgroups/nurseries/primary education etc, who are requiring a second income
  • The early- or semi-retired who have previous experience of childrens' sports coaching
  • Voluntary coaches connected to local youth football clubs, who could combine an additional income with growing a pool of future members for the club  

In order to become a Licensed Coach, you do not need to have football/sports coaching qualifications, providing you can find someone to work with who DOES hold an FA Level 1 or a similar sports coaching award. However, owing to the nature of what we do, you will need to go through our thorough approval process, which will include a DBS check. You would also be encouraged to gain the basic FA Level 1 Coaching Award, or a similar sports coaching award within 12 months (this may sound daunting, but first level awards do not generally require high personal skill). 



Being a Licensed Coach is similar to operating a ‘mini-franchise’, but at a much lower cost and without the need for SupaStrikers to be a full time business. If you have researched similar traditional franchise opportunities, you will have found they inevitably require an initial fee of £5000+VAT - or even more. That's a huge difference compared to what we charge, especially if you are not intending to run this type of activity as a full time business.

The start up fee still includes the same sort of things as a traditional franchise:

  • Licensed Coach's kit and all major equipment (you will need to buy some smaller items e.g. whistle, stationery etc)
  • A training weekend in Gloucester, including lunch both days and refreshments
  • Licensed Coach's manual of games and policies
  • Online forms, documents, publicity materials etc
  • A pack of promotional posters and fliers to launch your business
  • THREE social media campaigns in the build up to your launch, targeting your local area
  • High quality website, which will include real-time, online booking
  • Central administration dealing with all membership renewals and queries
  • On-going support, including online/telephone assistance, local training/networking events
  • Full insurance cover

What am I expected to do, and what could I earn?

We would usually expect a Licensed Coach to run a minimum of 3 sessions per week, during term time. However, we do not put a limit on the maximum number of sessions you can run, and can discuss some minor variations to the standard Licensed Coach Agreement for those wishing to run more than 10 sessions per week (at no extra cost!).

A typical SupaStrikers group size is 10-12 children, which means that after all costs have been paid, a licensed coach could expect to make £20.00-£30.00 income per session (if your session is full)*. Naturally, when you first start, it can take a few months to build your groups up to full numbers. However, very soon, personal recommendation and repeat business is likely to account for a high percentage of your members.

Licensed Coaches are also able to increase income by offering playgroup visits, running birthday parties, and selling SupaStrikers merchandise (the Coach's Manual also tells you how to do these things!). Unlike traditional franchises which take a % of ALL your income, any other income you earn from these additional activities is yours to keep in full!

We are particularly keen to hear from potential Licensed Coaches based in the following areas (but this is not intended as an exhaustive list):

  • West Midlands, including Birmingham, Coventry & Redditch
  • South Wales, including Newport & Cardiff
  • Hereford & Worcester
  • Bristol & North Somerset
  • Swindon
  • Oxford
  • Stratford-Upon-Avon, Warwick & Leamington

*Some inevitable 'Small Print!' 

Please note that there are small ongoing administration fees in addition to the start up fee (similar to a traditional franchise).

Licensed Coaches are NOT employed by SupaStrikers - this is a self-employed position.  You will be responsible for declaring your business details and income to the relevant statutory authorities. You will also be responsible for meeting all expenses you incur in the course of operating as a Licensed Coach. The figures quoted on the website and in any printed documents concerning potential income are examples rather than guarantees of income. They are realistically achievable as a result of providing a quality service to your customers to ensure your sessions are full.  However, overall income also depends upon factors such as the cost of venue hire and paying an Assistant Coach. 


If you are interested, please contact us using the contact form. We will be happy to then chat with you informally to discuss whether this is the correct opportunity for you. If it is, we would then invite you to come and see some sessions to help you decide whether or not you wish to proceed with your application. No fee will be requested until we are all certain that this is the right option for you and us.


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7 Day money-back guarantee for new starters

 If you advise the Coach at the end of your first session that you do not wish to continue, he/she will inform us and you will receive a full refund within 28 days (provided you have not received your child's football kit).  If you change your mind after you have received the football kit and left the session, you can notify us by letter or email before your next session is due to start and we will not take your first monthly Direct Debit payment.  We would advise that you cancel the Direct Debit as we cannot actually do this on your behalf.  We would not refund the Lifetime Membership Fee once you have taken the kit, but no further payments will be due to SupaStrikers even if your child joined in their first session.