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Your monthly subscription amount will be taken on the 1st of each month. The subscription will remain in place whilst you are a member of SupaStrikers. You can cancel your membership at any time with written confirmation. There will be a 28 day cancelation period from the date of the received cancelation request. If you join mid month you will incur a covering payment for the remainder of that month. For example if you join on 15th September you would pay (50 % of monthly fee) for September then pay plus the usual amount a month from October.

You can cancel your membership/Subscription at any time with written email confirmation. There will be a 28 day cancelation period from the date of the received cancelation request. During the 28 cancelation period you are still able to attend your sessions and any monthly subscriptions that are due within the 28 days will still be taken.

Yes, absolutely! Football for girls and ladies is one of the fastest growing activities in the UK at present and we welcome both genders.

Subject to availability and meeting the minimum age criteria shown on our Age Groups page, children can start at any point of the year.  You do not have to wait until the beginning of a term to start.  

Although we do not offer free trial sessions, our Money-Back Guarantee means that if you join and the session is not suitable, you will not have wasted any money.  Your Lifetime Membership Fee will be refunded subject to our terms and conditions (see separate FAQ on how this operates) and no monthly subscription payment will be taken.   

You are welcome to arrange to come for a non-participative observation visit . However, in this scenario, we cannot guarantee that a place will still be available if you subsequently choose to book, and you may have to go on to our waiting list.

You cannot actually book a guaranteed place for more than two weeks ahead, as we are dependent upon filling places which are being paid for. 

We do not keep a formal waiting list for future academic years, as we find that circumstances can change so quickly for all parties, including ourselves. However, places for our September MiniStrikers’ intake are put on sale from early July each year (NB the child must be of the minimum required age as of September, to make a confirmed booking).

If you would like to be reminded shortly before next year's places go on sale, please sign up for our newsletter (via contact form at bottom of each page) and we will send you a reminder a few days beforehand.

We largely work on 'academic year' age spans within our groups. Children always start in their correct age group, unless there is a particular concern over a child’s confidence and/or physical ability. In such situations, it may be possibly for a child to start in a ‘younger’ age group. However, we do not allow children to start in an older age group.

There is no perfect way, but we use this approach because it reflects how children will subsequently be ‘grouped’ until the age of 18! Our approach makes it easier to keep whole groups of children together as they progress, meaning that most children will stay with the same group of children throughout their time in SupaStrikers. This helps children remain settled by not suddenly changing to a different group of children, which would be the case if they ‘moved up’ simply by having reached a certain age.

Please note that if you book a session for which your child is not old enough, we will cancel the booking and refund the Lifetime Membership Fee.

Please inform us via email within 7 days of your first session if you decide not to continue. You will then receive a full refund within 28 days (provided you have not received your child's football kit). We would not refund the Lifetime Membership Fee once you have taken the kit, but no further payments will be due to SupaStrikers thereafter.

Once you have passed your initial 7 day period, you may cancel your membership at any point by providing 28 days notice by letter or email.  

Although we will not be able to refund all or part of any payments already made, we will not collect any more payments after the 28 day notice has expired.  However, if a payment is due during the 28 day notice period, this will still be collected in order to bring your account up to date.

Please note that if you are thinking of cancelling in order to take a short break, your place will be released for re-sale as soon as you provide notice.  It may no longer be available when you wish to restart.  Therefore, please talk to us if  you need to take a short break in exceptional circumstances e.g. hospitalisation, injury/illness, bereavement, childbirth, visits to homelands etc.  

Quite simply, No! We do not use, sell or pass on any specifically requested personal information about you or your child for any sort of marketing purposes. This applies to everyone, regardless of whether you join SupaStrikers or not. We will only use the information you provide in order to have essential contact with you, unless we have specifically agreed otherwise at any point.

If you sign up to our newsletter, or connect with us via social media, then you will receive marketing items from time to time, but only from us and hopefully not too regularly! However, we will still never pass on or sell your personal information to anyone else.

Please contact us for details

Each child must have an adult carer with them, who will be responsible for toilet trips etc for that child. When a child is in MegaStrikers or MaxiStrikers (and is settled), we may sometimes agree to you arranging for another child’s parent to assume responsibility for your child. However, this is at the Coaches' discretion and must be agreed first. Please note that if you arrange this, neither the Licensed Coach nor SupaStrikers Ltd accepts responsibility for the other parent’s ability to fulfil that role.

If your child is joining MiniStrikers, the adult carer will certainly need to work alongside their child until they have developed the essential core skills AND are able to listen and respond to the coaches. Even in MegaStrikers, we occasionally use games which require the adult carer to work with their child. You will not need any specific football skills, but we do recommend that you wear soft-soled flat shoes.  By MegaStrikers, we would normally expect the child to be ready to join in without parental assistance (although this may still be required during the initial settling in period).

We recognise that there may be occasional weeks when a MiniStriker or a MegaStriker has to come with another adult, who may be less physically able. Please let us know before the session, and we will aim to ensure one of the coaching team will be able to work more closely with your child that week.

Most of our sessions run with a maximum of 12 children, led by two Coaches. However, some sessions (particularly at weekends) may run with up to 20 children, still maintaining our ratio of a maximum of 6 children to 1 Coach.

By operating on a membership basis, your child should see the same children and adults each week.

It is fine to bring a younger child, as long as you have a buggy / car seat etc in which the child can be restrained if you need to be working with your member child. As younger siblings become more confident on their feet, it is often possible for them to join in the opening/closing for each session and during the playtime periods of the session. It is also fine to bring school age children to after-school sessions - we are often able to get them to 'help' with some of the games.

All sessions run during school term time. Therefore there are no sessions during the Christmas, Easter and summer holidays, as well as one week during the October, February & May half terms.

Yes! We offer sibling discount as well as multiple session discount.