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Terms and conditions


  • Definitions:
  • ‘SupaStrikers Ltd’ – The parent company with whom you are entering into contract.
  • ‘Lifetime Membership Fee’ – a one off enrolment fee which includes a Member’s football kit
  • ‘Monthly Sessions Fee’ – a monthly payment by Direct Debit for the duration of membership which allows a     Member to attend the specific group for which the Parent has signed up.
  • ‘Parent’ – Any person with overall parental responsibility for the Member
  • ‘Carer’ – Person AGED 18+ YEARS with parental responsibility for the Member at the time of the session
  • ‘Member’ – Child who is enrolled and attends Sessions
  • ‘Coach’ – Person employed or licensed by SupaStrikers to be responsible for leading a Session
  • ‘Session’ – 45-60 minute period (depending upon session) during which Members are supervised by Coaches
  • The Lifetime Membership Fee is a one off payment to SupaStrikers Ltd and will not be charged again, even if the Member swaps groups, or takes a break and returns at a later stage.
  • The Lifetime Membership Fee includes the Member’s first SupaStrikers football kit. The SupaStrikers football kit is issued at the end of a Member’s first Session (as far as is practically possible), provided that the Money-Back Guarantee has not been used.  Once the kit has been issued and received, the enrolment fee will not be refunded in any circumstances.
  • At the end of a Member’s first Session, if the Parent decides that the session is not suitable and notifies the Coach, a full refund of the Lifetime Membership Fee will be made by SupaStrikers Ltd within 28 days under our Money-Back Guarantee (provided that the football kit has not been received). If the Parent subsequently decides not to continue during the 7 days following the Member’s first session, they must notify SupaStrikers Ltd by letter or email only, who will ensure that the first Direct Debit payment is not collected. No further payment will be due. 
  • In exceptional circumstances, if a child attends a ‘trial’ session before membership commences, the Money-Back Guarantee will not apply.
  • The Monthly Sessions Fee is payable by Direct Debit on a monthly basis. The Monthly Session Fee charged is an ‘average’ fee based on the whole year and does not reflect the number of sessions in any particular month.  The first Direct Debit payment will be collected 10 days after the first Session attended.  It is payable for up to 11 months of the ‘academic’ year, from when a Member starts attending.  No payments will be collected during the month of August.  The Direct Debit payments must be kept up in order to maintain a Member’s place in the group.  The Monthly Sessions Fee only permits the Member to attend the specific group for which the Parent has signed up.
  • If a Parent has not set up the Direct Debit mandate within 7 days of the Member’s first session, SupaStrikers Ltd reserve the right to withdraw the place, with no refund of the Lifetime Membership Fee.
  • A Parent may choose to cease membership at any point after the initial 7 day period by providing a minimum of 28 days written notice via letter or email (text, social media or other methods will not be accepted.
  • SupaStrikers Ltd will not normally refund any part of a payment already received if a Member decides to stop attending. In exceptional circumstances we may, at our discretion, offer to suspend a membership without forfeiture of remaining sessions.  Exceptional circumstances would include hospitalisation, major illness, bereavement etc.  Unfortunately, it does not include changes of time for other activities, changes in a Parent or Carer’s work commitments, moving house etc.
  • Monthly Session Fee payments which fall within the 28 day period of notice will still be due and will be collected. SupaStrikers will collect no further Direct Debit payments once the 28 day period of notice has expired, but would advise that the Direct Debit itself is cancelled (SupaStrikers cannot actually cancel the Direct Debit itself, only the account holder can do so).
  • The Parent or Carer MUST remain on site for the duration of the session and is ultimately responsible for the Member’s behaviour, participation, and welfare (including ALL toilet or bathroom visits). The Parent agrees that other than in the event of negligence by a Coach(es), insurance against personal injury or loss/damage is the responsibility of the Parent.  The Parent or Carer is also responsible for the behaviour, safety and well-being of other children in their care who are not Members of the session.  Please note that Coaches are only responsible for Members whilst the Session is actually in progress.
  • If the behaviour of a Member, Parent or Carer, or other child for whom the Parent or Carer's is responsible is deemed unacceptable, SupaStrikers Ltd reserves the right to suspend or permanently exclude the Member from future sessions, with no refund of fees paid. In such situations, SupaStrikers will aim to discuss the situation with the Parent and seek a solution, before such action is taken.  A copy of our Behavioural Policy for Members is available upon request.
  • The Parent agrees that a Member, Parent or Carer will NOT ATTEND if either has a significant, infectious medical condition.
  • The Parent will reimburse any reasonable costs incurred by SupaStrikers, as a result of the actions of the Member, Parent or Carer (or their accompanying visitors).
  • SupaStrikers Ltd reserve the right to cancel/postpone a course before or during membership. A pro-rata refund will be given for sessions not completed, but SupaStrikers Ltd will have no other liability owing. 
  • Occasionally, a Session may be unable to run on a specific date(s) owing to unavailability of the venue or Coaches; we will give you as much notice of this as reasonably possible. In such situations, the Parent will receive a pro-rata refund from SupaStrikers Ltd within 28 days of the cancellation(s).  Please note that refunds will not be given in the event of 'Acts of God' (e.g. extreme weather conditions), or unexpected national holidays (or similar events).
  • The Parent/Carer agree not to establish, provide information regarding SupaStrikers Ltd to, or be employed by/volunteer for sports-based activities for pre-school children for 2 years after membership ceases (without written consent from SupaStrikers Ltd).
7 Day money-back guarantee for new starters

 If you advise the Coach at the end of your first session that you do not wish to continue, he/she will inform us and you will receive a full refund within 28 days (provided you have not received your child's football kit).  If you change your mind after you have received the football kit and left the session, you can notify us by letter or email before your next session is due to start and we will not take your first monthly Direct Debit payment.  We would advise that you cancel the Direct Debit as we cannot actually do this on your behalf.  We would not refund the Lifetime Membership Fee once you have taken the kit, but no further payments will be due to SupaStrikers even if your child joined in their first session.