When you first join, you will pay an initial Lifetime Membership Fee of £15.95 to secure your booking and to provide your child with a SupaStrikers football kit at your first session. This fee is protected by our Money-Back Guarantee should the session prove unsuitable when you attend for the first time.

In order to complete your online booking, you will also be asked to set up a Subscription for your Monthly Session Fees. The relevant monthly fee will be advertised for each specific class.

This is an 'averaged' amount based on the number of sessions in that 'academic' year (i.e. September to August) and does not reflect a specific number of sessions in each month.

Your monthly subscription will remain the same and be taken on the 1st of every month whilst you remain a member. If you join mid-month, your monthly fee (the remainder of that specific month) will be worked out on a pro-rata basis and will be added to your first subscription payment which will be taken on the 1st of the following month. 

You may cancel your membership at any point by providing 28 days written notice (email only), and no further payments will be collected after the period of notice is complete.